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Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated to providing the education you want.

The Teachers

All music lessons are private one-on-one interactions taught at Brothers Music. Brothers Music is devoted in making certain our students have the finest music education. Our exceptional teachers give their students the support they need to become the musician they want.

Photograph of owner & guitar teacher Cole Maggart

Cole Maggart

Guitar & Uke

Co-owner & guitar teacher, Cole has been teaching guitar since he was 17. Developing a fun and comprehensive style along the way, perfect for both beginners and experienced players.

Teaching Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons and evenings.

Guitar & Piano teacher Lauren Irving

Lauren Irving

Guitar & Piano teacher

Born and raised in Kansas City, Lauren Irving grew up in a musical family. Exposed to music in church, school, choir, and musical theater she grew a love for music at a very young age. She later attended Kansas City Kansas Community college and was heavily involved in music and audio engineering.

Bass teacher Clay Johnson

Clay Johnson


Clay has a formal and comprehensive musical education from the University of Arkansas. He is a master of all styles of the Bass including the Stand up Bass. Clay has the knowledge and the ability to show the musical importance of the Bass in all genres of music.

Teaching Schedule: Monday and Tuesday afternoons and evenings.

Drums teacher Matt Mirsch

Matt Mirsch


Matt is a very talented & experienced drum teacher. He teaches drums in the afternoons and evenings on Monday and Thursdays.

Teaching Schedule: Monday and Thursday afternoons and evenings.

Drums teacher Sam Hoskins

Sam Hoskins


Sam is multi-talented. Playing drums, guitar, bass and piano in his band The Slowdown, he can give students a full understanding of drums and playing in a band, as well as insight into recording.

Teaching Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings.

Drums teacher Analiese



An active local KC drummer who is one half of the band Black Mariah Theatre with her sister on guitar!

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